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changing the rotors is hard i had to cut them off with a sawzall and cut rotor at 12,3,6,9 oclock and used a2 lb hammer some times you have to take a cheisel and spread the cut apart it took many blades and time but it will work.good luck don.


Removing Front & Rear Rotors

I remove my Front & Rear Rotors out of my 1998 Ford Expedition XLT.
I rented a 3 Jaw Puller from Auto Zone and a bottle of PB Blaster and a sledge hammer it only took about one hour or less to take both off...
The way I removed the Front & Rear Rotors was ...
1. I put lots of PB Blaster in the back and the front of the rotors to be removed.
2. I put plenty of tension with the 3 Jaw Puller...
3. I hit the back of the rotor with the sledge hammer while rotating rotor...
And it came right off...
Hope this helps...

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Q: How do you change a rotor on the right rear of a 2003 Lincoln navigator?
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How do you find the rotor an distributor cap on a 2000 Lincoln Navigator?

If I am correct, I believe this vehicle is DIS(distributorless ignition system) thereby not having a cap and rotor.

What mechanical problems are there on a used 1999 Lincoln navigator?

There are several problems that can arise on a used 1999 Lincoln Navigator. These problems include: air suspension issues and excessive rotor wear due to the weight of the vehicle.

How do you change rear brakes and rotor on 1993 Lincoln town car?

Remove the tire and wheel from your 1993 Lincoln Town car . Remove the brake spring and break caliper. Remove the brake rotor by tapping on it with a hammer or mallet. Slide the rotor off. Reverse the process to install the new rotor and brake pads.

How do you change a rotor on a 2002 Jetta?

take the wheel off, remove the two bolts off the back of the caliper, take the caliper off the rotor, take the little star screw out of the the face of the rotor, after that take a mallet and tap the rotor and it should come right off!

How do you change the rotor on a 1996 Accent without removing the hub the rotor is bolted on to the back of the hub which is pressed on This is a right hand drive car?

the hub must be removed to take off the rotor.special tools are required to remove the rotor.

Do you have to change rotor when change pads?

not always

Rotor doesn't slide of easy on Lincoln navigater?

that's because ford engineers are idiots. there is a clearance issue with all the f150, expedition, and navigator rotors of the mid 90's on up. the simple solution to this is to use a small ball peen hammer and knock the rust out from the hub recess in the back of the rotor. it takes some time but that's the fix.

How do you change the rotors on a 1999 cirrus?

the distbutor rotor plug is on the right side of the motor under the intake. there are two bolts to take off the cap to get to the rotor plug. it is hard to get to without removing the intake.

How do you remove rotor on a 2002 Ford Escape?

Remove caliper,rotor comes right out

How do you change the rear rotor pads?

on what

How do you remove front rotor on 2006 sprinter?

how to change rotor front disc on 2006 sprinter

How do you change brake rotor on a 1980 Malibu?

You remove the brake caliper frame and rotor is then loose.

Front right rotor is grinding on disc brake mount on 2002 ford escape?

Replace rotor / cut rotor & replace brakes.

How to fix Pulsing front disc brakes?

you have to change the rotor cuz the rotors slightly bent or its groover to bad and when u change the rotor change the pads as well on both sides

How does distributer rotor turn?

left or right

What is the right rear rotor for 2001 Ford Expedition?

On a 2001 Ford Expedition : The right rear rotor would be the passenger side rear brake rotor ( rotors are used with disc brakes )

How do you change the distributer cap and rotor on a 1993 corvette?

Change it. Don't be a dumb.

How do you change front rotor on 2004 Trailblazer?

take off the tire and the caliper and the rotor just slides off

How do you get your rotor button right on your 1989 Chevy truck?

The rotor only fits one way on to the distributor shaft.

Is the word 'rotor' a palindrome?

Yes, 'rotor' is a palindrome because it is spelled the same when read forwards or backwards (i.e., right to left or left to right)

How do you change the rear rotor on an 02 dodge ram 1500?

very basic when the tire is removed there is two bolts holding the mount on the truck take em out and rotor will come right off, rem not to take the two holding the caliper on off

How do you change a Dodge Ram 5.2L distributor rotor?

remove the distributor cap and grab the rotor then pull straight up.

When do you change front wheel bearings?

When you change rotor or main ball joint, or when they get worn.

How do you change a rotor on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Remove wheel Remove caliper mounting bolts Slide caliper off rotor Rotor should slide off hub

How do you change the rotor on an 1999 bravda?

Remove wheelRemove caliper mounting boltsSlide caliper off rotorRotor should slide off hub