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How do you change a starter on a 1990 Chevy Silverado?

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2010-08-28 08:20:38

take off the + side battery cable. you have 2 14mm or 9/16 bolts

on the bottom of the starter. i have found it almost impossible to

reach the wires until you drop it down. then you just remove the

wires and replace in reverse order. sometimes you have to shim the

starter, but most of the time just replace it

Not to disagree with the answer above but ... there are lots of

variables to this question. First,.. There is a different process

if you are working on a 2wd or 4wd.. also if its a manual

transmission or automatic, V8 or not. On a 2wd V8 automatic it is

much simpler of a process.. I find since I removed one out of both

this evening. on a 2wd and depending on the type of starter you

have in it .. it may require an 8mm wrench or short socket , 15mm

wrench or short socket for the wiring and a 9/16 deep-well with a

6inch extension (for clearance of the transmission lines) for the

bolts that secure the starter in place. if you start by loosening

the bolts that secure it almost all the way it will make it much

easier to gain access to the wires that you gotta disconnect. ( oh

and disconnect the battery since the wires will short out fuses if

they touch anything or could give you an unwanted shock). once you

got the wires disconnected then just push up on the starter with

one hand and use the other hand to undo the 2 bolts that you

already loosened up. and that's all there is to it .. just reverse

the process when replacing it by starting the 2 mounting bolts just

a turn or 2.....

now.. on a 4WD V8 manual transmission model it sucks even more

because you have alot LESS room to work. .. I found the only way to

access the starter for removal is to first undo the 2 bolts that

hold in your Clutch slave cylinder and carfully pull it back out of

the housing with the hydrolic line still attached (so you dont lose

any clutch fluid and have to re-bleed your clutch after).. be

watchfull to not kink the line going to it and im sure you

understand why... so moving on lol... once you have that clutch

slave cylinder pulled out and moved a bit out of your way .. the

process I mentioned above would be the next steps .. just be sure

when replacing the starter .. when you re-secure the clutch slave

cylinder you align the push rod correctly .. if your not sure ..

remove the plug bolt that is on the side of the housing so you can

see if its in the proper place .. its much simpler than it seems

... .I hope this helps and again this is not to disagree to what

was said earlier .. thanks and god bless

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