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you are in for some fun,here is what you have to do>>you have to completely remove the intake manifold>>which is connected to the throttle body,just in case you don't know what it is!it's under the grey engine cover that has the 4 bolt screws on have to unscrew those off,then undo the intake manifold>.which will take a lot of undoing to get it to lift off.and right underneath the intake manifold is the starter.why Cadillac put it there?my guess is to make you say forget it and take it to a mechanic.if you need step by step instructions,just email me at and i will givwe them to you so u can do it yourself.thanks

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โˆ™ 2008-09-20 16:12:57
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Q: How do you change a starter on a 1997 Cadillac De ville with North star V8 engine?
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Location of starter on 1996 cadillac north star?

under the intake manifold

How do you change spark plugs on 2003 Cadillac deville 4.6 liter north star engine?

Dealer service item.

Where is your starter on 1995 cadillac concord 32 valve north star?

under intake manifold

Will a 1999 northstar cadillac engine fit in place of a 1997 north star engine?

it should

First year of north-star engine Cadillac Seville?


Where is the starter located on a 1997 Cadillac Deville?

29s here, i work for an automotive company a recently we had a 94 or 95 caddy deville with the north star engine in for a starter replacement. the starter was located in the center of the motor! the engine is a v-shape (v8) with the intake cover acting as a lid overtop of the motor with the starter smack in the center. you would have to remove the intake in order to even see the starter if you have the same motor types. That is exactly how to remove it on a 97, i have one and the starter is located under the intake.

Does a Fleetwood Cadillac 1993 have a north satar engine?

It's either a 305 or 350 lt1 not a North Star..

How do you change stater on 1996 cadillac north star?

Its under the intake manifold. Buy a repair manual and have at it. If your-re a decent wrench and have plenty of tools you can do it. Dealer wants about $1200 to do it. Starter costs about $250

How to replace the starter on a 1996 Cadillac De ville with North Star Engine?

The Starter Motor Is Located Under The Intake Manifold, You Have To Remove A Bunch Of Stuff To Remove The Manifold To Get To The Starter, It Is A Small Gear Reduction Starter. Not Hard To Replace At That Point. But A Lot Of Trouble To Get To. I Recommend You Take It To A Good Garrage. Expect To Pay A Pretty High Price Also. Considering The Labor Involved. GOD BLESS

How do you change an alternator on a 1998 Cadillac north star?

Changing an alternator in a northstar requires removing the intake manifold,as it is under there. I would suggest getting a service manual for all the details. Good luck Almost but not quite true. Under the intake manifold is the starter not the alternator!!!

Could the 1995 Aurora have a aluminum V8 North star motor?

It has the 4.0 Northstar V8...basically the Cadillac STS Engine with a smaller bore.

Where is the starter located on a 2001 Seville sts?

The Caddy STS Seville Came Out With a North Star Engine, And The Starter Is Under The Intake Manifold. It Is A Difficult Job To Replace. If You Are Not Well Adversed In Auto Engine Repair It Would Most Likely Best To Have A Good Garrage To Service It For You.

Where is the serpentine belt tentioner located on a 1995 Cadillac Eldorado North Star Motor?

on the passenger side of engine left side front in front of battery

Do you need a special tool to remove a water pump?

Many vehicles will only require your basic tools but there are some out there that require special tools such as the Cadillac with the North Star engine.

Where is a Cadillac dealership in Houston?

One Cadillac dealership in Houston is Tom Peacock Cadillac. It is located at 15480 North Fwy, Houston, Texas. Another Cadillac dealership, David Taylor Cadillac, is located at9120 SW Freeway, Houston, Texas.

Why does a 1997 cadillac deville north star car make ticking noise when turn the wheel to the right you can here it on the front right side and the cv joint has been replaced?

the gear on the starter is sliding into the flywheel causing the sound. Just replaced the starter on my 97 Deville. The gear on the old starter would slide back and forth due to a broken spring. The new gear on the new starter if fixed in place. Sounds crazy, but oh so true.

How do you remove the power steering pump on a 1998 Cadillac Deville 273 cid North Star engine?

You must first remove the power steering pump pulley to get access to the bolts on the pump.

What is the geographic center of Michigan?

It is 5 miles north-northwest of Cadillac.

Who can fix a Cadillac 02 sensor in Houston Texas?

Consider David Taylor Cadillac on the Southwest Freeway, Sewell Cadillac on Katy Freeway, Stewart Cadillac on Main Street, Tom Peacock Cadillac on the North Freeway or the Cadillac Man on the Old Spanish Trail. Any General Motors dealership can handle the task, and most competent mechanics are capable and equipped for that job.

Who was Antoine Cadillac?

Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac was a French explorer and adventurer in New France, an area of North America that stretched from present-day Eastern Canada in the north to Louisiana on the Gulf of Mexico in the south.

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Yes, Cadillac still makes convertible style cars. For example, they are still creating the Cadillac XLR, a retractable hard top convertible which was nominated for North American Car of the Year award in 2004.

Where are the fan relays located in the Cadillac Deville 4.6L North Star?

Below the radiator in the middle.

What kind of motor does the 1997 Cadillac DeVille have?

it has a north star 4.6 vin y v8

What octane for Cadillac eldorado etc 1999 32 valve north star?

93 is recommended

Where is Olsen Cadillac located?

Olsen Cadillac is located at 201 Cambridge Road in Woburn, Massachusetts. This is in the north shore area of greater Boston, near the Burlington Mall and Lahey Clinic.

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