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I just did this today on my 1996 Tacoma 2WD, don't know if it's the same for 1999 though. Four Philips-head screws hold the taillight assembly to the body. Remove them obviously. Separate the lense from the taillight assembly body, there will be a rubber seal between them, I removed the seal from sticking to the two parts but you may get away with leaving it stuck to one part or the other. Now you have access to the various bulbs inside (tail/brake, backup, and turn signal). I replaced the tail/brake bulbs with LED replacements (FYI). Reverse the process to reassemble, if you removed the seal from both parts, putting it back on the taillight assembly bosy side seemed easier than on the lense. One thing to be careful of, at least on mine, each of the four screws on each side had small nearly-clear washers on them, upon reassembly I could not find one of the washers, not sure if it was there when I disassembled it or not. So be careful removing the screws, keep an eye on the washers, so they don't disappear like one of mine may have.

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Q: How do you change a tail light in a 1999 Tacoma?
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Go to the WWW address below. The tail light is mounted with 4 screws.

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