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How do you change a timing belt on a 2000 daewoo nubria?

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Changing a t belt is not for the light of heart. But here goes. VERY IMPORTANT. Do this right and you will have another 90 thousand trouble free miles. Do it wrong and you will lunch your engine in 5 seconds. So....

1. jack up the right side of the car enough to get the right front wheel off.

2. remove the plastic gizmo cover in the front of your engine. It has several screws and push pins.

3. take off the acessory belts and harmonic balancer.

4. At the top front you will see a silver colored motor mount. You will need to remove this, but first you need a piece of wood under the engine to support the engine. GENTLY let the car down on the wood until it is in a nutral position, yes the wood is supporting the engine, but ONLY THE ENGINE. Let the jack support the car.

5 remove the motor mount bolts.. if you did number 4 corectly the engine wont ''spring'' away from the bolt holes of the motor mount.

6. Now you can remove the timing belt cover... it has several clips and has a gasket around it to keep out the crap and water and such from driving.

7. If yours is broken, fill the car with concrete and use it for an anchor.... cause your going to need at the least, a new head.

8. Its not broken and you doing maintenence? good for you. Put the bolt back in the crankshaft and roll the engine over with a ratchet and socket until all timing marks are in alignment. Look for them.. there will be one on the crank sprocket, and one on each cam. There will be a mark on the head to align the cams too. Notice the tenshion of the belt, as it has to be the same when your done.

9. Loosen the nut on the tentioner, and the belt will slacken. Now is a good time to replace your tentioner, and your water pump too. Take the belt off . Make shure there isn't any oil on it.. if there is one of your front seals has taken a crap and will have to be replaced, and the area cleaned with something like..... ohhh... brakeclean works good. If every thing is clean and good, put your belt on... this will be a bear... start with your cams, and use paper clamps... clamps to hold a stack of paper together. Dont use vise grips or anything that will booger up your belt or

Jeezus! this web site blows! I tried to help and it had a huge glitch, and stoped me from finishing so .... here goes.

I guess we were about on 8 or so....

8. Shoot the web developer through the head

9. Use paper pinch clamps to hold the belt in place while you delicately place the belt on all the pullys...don't scar the pullys or belt.

10. you will need to tention the belt using a screwdriver in the timing tentioner... it will tighten and loosen on a cam typr deal, tighten it up a little and tighten the nut. Now with your ratchet.. run the belt backwards for a quarter turn, then frontwards all the way around twice. Did the marks change? Did the tention change? If so repete the last few steps till you get it right. Because it needs to be ligned up right. The engine ought to turn over by hand smoothly also, with no internal parts contacting.

11. If every thing is good.... put the cover back on and reverse all the instructions. Start the car and if it runs you did good... if it wont start, and the car misses.. you did wrong or you have bent valves, or internal damage from the belt breaking. Good luck

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