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Tools you need: # Floor Jack or Car Jack # Jack Stand # Tire wrench, Tire Iron, or Impact wrench. Rasie the car up, placing the jack under a sturdy piece of the frame. (Usually pinch weld, or axles). Put the jackstand under the vehicle, let the vehicle rest on jack stand, while keeping the jack against axle, or pinch weld. Use the wrench to turn each lug nut counter clock wise, to remove. (You may have to break them loose with the vehicle on the ground, or your wheel will just spin). Clean each nut with an old rag and place it in a safe place nearby. Remove tire. Put new tire on, finger tighten lug nuts, to insure that they are not cross threaded. Next tightening your lug nuts using the wrench. After you tighten the first one, move to the nut on the opposite side of the wheel instead of the next one to the one just tightened. This will ensure a more secure fitting of the wheel on the car. Finally remove the jack stand and lower your car. Retighten the lug nuts to make certain they are snug. or for a video go to

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Q: How do you change a tire on a 1997 Escort?
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The 1997 Ford Escort Owner Guide shows 12.7 gallons ( U.S. )

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