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How do you change a transmission gasket on a 1997 Honda Accord 4 cylinder SOHC?


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2015-07-15 21:30:49
2015-07-15 21:30:49

lets assume that the car is consuming transmission fluid exessively. more than a quart between services is exessive. there is no gasket to be replaced however a seal at the axel shaft connection is more likely further diagnoses is required.

There is no pan gasket to change and the filter is just a screen internally.


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there is no transmission pan on the 1993 accord it has a sealed case

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Take it to a transmission shop. Depending on what you mean by front gasket, it will probably involve removing the transmission. Again depending on what you mean, it is most likely an indicator of a bigger problem.

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Replacing a head gasket on a 1996 Honda Accord requires removal of the cylinder head, timing belt, and several other components. The head will need to be resurfaced. Remove the old gasket and place the new one with gasket sealer. Reinstalled the head.

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