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How do you change a water pump on a 1990 3.3 dodge caravan?

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2008-03-25 06:08:54

You must remove the serpentine belt first. A tensioner tool

makes that easiest. Drain the coolant out, if it is not old it can

be used again. Pull the pulley off the pump, use a screwdriver

between the bolts to keep the pulley from moving. Loosen all of

them first. then Take off the pulley. Remove the bolts, I think

there are six not evenly divided out. Only the front part of the

pump gets changed and the housing stays on the engine. Clean all

surfaces. Use some gasket sealer (blue Form-a-Gasket) in the

depression in the pump going around the outside of the pump. evenly

tighten the bolts on the new pump. Re-assemble, add coolant, put

back on serpentine belt. Done.

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