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I just got done changing the water pump on mine. If yours is a 3.1L V6 like mine, it is a tad complicated but this is what I did. First off, disconnect the radiator hose that comes from the water pump to get rid of the coolant from the pump. I don't know for sure if you HAVE to do that, but that's just what I did. I removed what I could of the engine mount so I could get to the belt tensioner. Once I was able to get to the belt tensioner (a 3/8 ratchet fits into the socket) and pull it hard so the serpentine belt then comes loose and take it off around the water pump pulley. Then get yourself a 1/4 ratchet and I believe either an 8 or 10mm socket and loosen the 4 bolts on the metal casing. The casing should come off. Under that you will see the pump itself. Spin the thing a few times to get any extra coolant out of it. Then there should be 5 bolts that hold the spinning pump onto the casing. I believe these are the same size bolts and just take those out as well. There should be a gasket there and carefully take the gasket out. With the new pump, make sure that you line up the gasket right on the new pump because they only line up one right way so check to make sure the gasket holes and the water pump holes are perfectly lined up. Then find the arrow on the pump (it should face otuward towards the coolant resivor tank) and line it up. Put a bolt in so that the gasket stays lined up with the pump. You should apply silicone to the casing (anything gasket-related I always apply sealant) then put the water pump and gasket on the casing and tighten the bolts. I believe the torque spec for the bolts are 18 foot pounds. Then put the metal part on and tighten the 4 bolts on to the same torque. Then go back to the belt tensioner and put the belt around the pulley. More than likely the belt will also come off the power steering pulley and/or the alternator. Then reconnect the hose from the water pump and re-fill coolant. Really it's an easy job, the most complicated part is lining up the gasket on the water pump the right way.


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