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I have replaced the front manual roll down window. You need: Phillips and Flat Head screw driver #10 torx Head 2 1/4"x2" Screws A Drill and bit to remove 2 pop rivits.

1. Remove the door panel. (remove screws in the door opener, and door puller assist, and window crank). The window crank I believe is a #10 Torx head. Then with a screw driver pop each plastic from the door.2. Remove plastic liner from the door.3. Clean all debris from inside the door (glass maybe...)4. If you have a used window, Drill out the pop rivits from the plasic assembly. Remember how they go on there!5. Obtain 2 - 1.4"x2" screws, with lock nuts.6. Slide window in sideways.Once in the door flip window to the correct orientation.7. Now take your plastic assemblies from step 4, and put them back on the windows using the screws, and lock nut.8. Adjust the window scissors down, and move the window up (by hand) then back down till they are in the brackets, they should lock into place.9. Replace liner and door panel and attachments.

I personally replaced the door liner as it does keep alot of road dust out of the truck. I used another piece of heavy duty plastic and some silicon sealer.

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Q: How do you change a window on a Ford Bronco II?
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