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Go to Great pictures and text for step by step replacement. Good luck!

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Q: How do you change a window regulator on a 2002 Ford Explorer?
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How do i change the right rear window motor on a 2002 deville?

It is best to replace entire regulator as one unit. Remove door panel. Remove bottom nut of regulator, and remove two top nuts of regulator. Loosen two bolts on bracket holding window. Support window, and carefully remove regulator as one unit.

How do you remove the window regulator of a 2002 ford escort se?

you can

Where is voltage regulator located on 2002 ford explorer?

On the back of the alternator

How do you fix a window that will not stay up on a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

you will have to replace the window regulator.

How do you replace a front power window motor on 2002 Ford Explorer?

How do you replace a power window motor ( rear passenger side ) in a 2002 Ford Explorer

How do you fix the drivers side front window that is off the track on a 2002 Lincoln LS?

The window is not off track. The window regulator is broken. In most cases you will have to replace the window motor and regulator as an assembly.

How do you install power window cable in 2002 Chevy Tahoe?

You must replace the entire regulator.Here's how

How do you fix drivers side window on 2002 ford explorer?

Remove the 2002 Ford Explorer drivers side inside door panel. The entire window mechanism will be visible. Locate and repair the cause for the window malfunction.

Where can i find Power window control switch for explorer 2002?

How do you replace power window motor on drivers side of a 2002 ford escape?

Window motor and regulator are found inside of the door panel and may be bolted or riveted in. Should be bolted. Disconnect the window from regulator, take out reg. and motor, then disconnect regulator from motor, reconnect new motor to regulator, reattach those inside of the door, then reconnect the window to the regulator, put it together and see if it works.

Where is the rear window washer reservoir for a 2002 Ford Explorer?

It is the same reservoir as the front window washer.

How to Change tire 2002 explorer?

how do you remove all lug nuts from a ford 2002 xlt explorer

Remove and install window motor and regulator Buick Regal 2002?

Complete instructions with photos:

Replace window regulator Jeep Cherokee Laredo 2002?

take it to an auto glass shop, it is not that expensive

Jeep 2002 Rear power window motor working but window wont go up nor down?

The window regulator has failed. The new one from the dealer will come with a window motor also.

How do you fix a window cable that is twisted over itself on a 2002 Durango?

You need to replace the entire regulator assembly.

How do you fix a manual window on a 2002 gmc truck?

I really need to know whats wrong with it, what dosent it do. Most likely you need to replace the window regulator.

How do you remove window regulator of a 2002 suburban Z71?

Remove the door panel and you will see the window regulator. There should be two or three bolts holding the door panel on, pop the window switch out and use a long flathead screwdriver to pop the panel out of the calmps securing it to the door

How do you get the front passenger window back on tract in a 2002 Ford Explorer?

remove the door panel

How do you change the window motor on your 2002 Saturn vue?

you dont

Where is the low pressure ac charge inlet on a 2002 ford explorer?

The low side ac port for a 2002 ford explorer is on the top of the drier assembly. It is located beside of the window washer fill bottle.

Do you have to change fuel pressure regulator when replacing thermostat for 2002 chevy malibu?

Not unless you BROKE it.

Is there a fuse for power windows for a 2002 Ford Explorer?

For a 2002 Ford Explorer, the 30 amp circuit breaker in location #62 of the power distribution box in the engine compartment is the power window circuit breaker. (unfortunately in the 2002 owner's manuals it is labelled accessory delay ) later years are labelled as the power window circuit breaker.

Why is it that the drivers door power Window on my 2002 Nissan Sentra needs help to get it up?

More than likely, the window motor and/or regulator, (the mechanical part that raises and lowers the window - which is driven by the motor), is not good. Either, the motor has become weak, and/or the regulator is getting bound up. The driver's window generally gets used the most, so is likely to fail first.

Why would a 2002 Cadillac Deville rear passenger window not roll up?

the regulator and motor need replaced. they can both be ordered on line for about $65. and have a local car window shop install them for a $100 or less. the regulator will come with the motor installed. just make sure you order the new regulator with motor. a local cadillac shop or window repair shop will try to charge you over $500 to fix