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How do you change alternator belt on 1995 Nissan 200sx?


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2009-02-06 21:39:07
2009-02-06 21:39:07

loosen the power steering pump pull that belt loosen the alt and remove belt and replace


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why or how do i find the brake light switch on my 1997 nissan 200sx. how do i chane it out.

no if your battery light is on and the brake light on then your alternator need to be change

Yes it will fit in but it will not bolt up to transmission

pull out the bottom part of the back seat, under which will reveal a hatch that lets you get to the fuel pump.

The 95 200SX S14 is OBD1 EDIT the 95 200sx 1.6Liter engine manual trans is odbII says right on the underside of the hood.

YES ... you don't even have to read to much into the book to find out either ... It says it on the cover of the manual it's for a 1996 Nissan 200sx ES ...

Look for a removable housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose

Noisy, and you cannot keep the engine timed.

below your top end of radiator hose.

how do you replace an alternator on a 1990 integra

Remove the wiring harness from the back of your 1995 Chrysler LHS alternator. Remove the alternator belt. Remove the alternator retaining bolts. The alternator will come off and can be replaced with the new alternator.

what year maxima? 1989-1994 on the bottom.. 1995-2000 in the middle..

Never. 1995 Nissan altimas have 2 timing chains. Not belts.

how do you change the tail lights on a 1996 Nissan pick up?

go to and enter your 94 Nissan info,engine size ,2wd or 4wd,then look up alternator,then to the right of screen look up repair guide,it will tell you what you need to know to replace your alternator,good luck.

when trying to change alternator in my 1995 Lincoln continental but metal pipes seem to be in the way how do you get around them

Relax belt by holding automatic belt tensioner with large socket and/or breaker bar

The alternator on a 1995 Volvo 960 is changed by disconnecting the negative battery post, removing the alternator wiring harness, loosening the retaining bolts, and taking the belt off. The alternator can then be completely unbolted and a new alternator put in its place.

i found that there is only to bolts including the tensioner and do i need to remove the radiator hose

I found out years ago when i had a nissan 200sx my gas started getting into the oil and i changed the fuel pressure regulator and that solved the problem.Good luck

It should have a spring loaded automatic tensioner, if the spring is broke replace the tensioner arm assembly

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