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How do you change alternator fanbelt for rover 75 cdt club disel?

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Changingalternator for Rover 75 Petrol

Disconnect your battery first

1. You need full set socket spanners

2. Remove the engine cover- it has 2 bolts

3. Remove the engine mounting - it has 7 bolts-before you remove the mountings support the engineunderneath with your wheel jack

4. Remove the remove a supporting bar which is front and same level with the alternator- 2 bolts

5. After removing the mounting there is lots of space to work on now

6. Remove the alternator mounting -2 bolts and remove the connections

7. If you want adjust the tensioner- but it can be done without adjusting the tensioner. you need a special tool to release the tensioner

8. Put back the new alternator. Fit the belt on all other pukleys and then slide it in the front smooth pulley that is posterior to the dip stick....and replace all bolts....

you are done....


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An alternator for a Rover 214 can be ordered from the dealer or from a local auto parts store. In addition, an alternator can be found at a junk yard.

Loosen the tensioner pulley to remove the belt. Remove the wiring harness. Remove the retaining bolts. The alternator will come off and can be replaced with a new one.

If it's the 2ltr diesel it has an automatic spring loaded tensioner mounted down below the alternator. A bit tight for space down there if you need to change it.

I just weighed a Range Rover Part # YLE10100 100 Amp 12 Volt Alternator and it weighs 13.90 lbs.

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It's attached to the engine. If you don't know what an alternator looks like, then you have no business even opening the hood. Leave mechanical things to a mechanic... especially on a Range Rover!

Hi the tacho runs off the alternator & when it stops working it is normally a sign of a fault with the alternator so firstly i would check that the alternator is working corectly

place a 15 mm spanner on the tensioner from under the car and rotate it clock wish to lift the tensioner then you can remove the belt

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Type your answer here... Hi,it is more than likely the diode pack in the alternator,also check to see if the alternator is warm to the touch even after a couple of hours,just replace the complete alternator and it will more than likely be o.k.

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Have alternator checked. There should also be other signs like lossing power to certain things or dim lights, if so...might be the alternator.

There could be many reasons for a 2007 Range Rover to stop. The spark plugs may need replaced or even the alternator. A mechanic can diagnose the problem.

Jump start car and ensure alternator and battery are good.

8 quarts of 5/30w for an oil change

There are extensive guides on the Rover Owners Club forums. Google it!

Not easy you have to remove radiator and loosen steering pump to get access to it there are 3 bolts holding it on , slacken drive belt first and remember to disconnect the battery lead before you start good luck

Take it to HiFlex Engineering S Yorks 01909 568681

I have no listing for a Land Rover Range Rover. Are you sure it has a timing belt an does not have a chain?

Just paid ~500 for labor + ~460 for new alternator... when i started my RRover(bigBody not sport) was making this mid-pitched woo sound(that followed the revving of the engine)...they said it was the alternator "bearing"...but the entire alternator needed my truck, but she's high maintenance...LOL

Range Rover wheels will be changed at places that sell the Range Rover. In addition, they can be changed by the owner of the vehicle by purchasing the wheels from places such as Vossen Wheels.

To change the fuse in a Rover 200, locate the fuse box and the fuse needing changed. Use pliers, pull the fuse out gently and put the new one into place.

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Loosen Tension Wheel centre bolt and un-adjust using 10mmm spanner.. this will allow removal of power steering belt. Loosen alternator bolts and un-adjust with 8mm adjusting bolt located at front /underside of alternator. fit new belt and tension using 8mm tensioning bolt,tighten tension wheel centre nut using 13mm socket, i use 13mm socket and mole grips as there is limited space, Replace power steering belt and tension using 10mm spanner , re tighten alternator holding bolts 15mm spanner4/socket. This was carried out on a Rover 216se. there may be more professional ways to carry out this repair, but it worked for me.....

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