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It's at the front, right side, just visible by peering down and rearwards, about in line with the front turn indicator. I have not yet changed mine, but it's obvious that it is NOT acessible from below, so have to reach down, beside/behind radiator. REMOVE YOUR WATCH ! It needs a small hand - no large gorillas could manange it. It is mounted horizontally, with its base facing forwards. Then I guess it's just a case of hoping it is not too tight, and your wrist is strong enough. Good luck ! Terry Reed its on the front of the engine below the exhaust manifold (the engine end of the exhaust where it splits into 3), access is improved if you remove the airfilter assembly (you only need a flathead screwdriver and a small 10ml socket to do this), and also remove the exhaust manifold heatguard (again a 10ml socket). Once you've figured out these bits and how to remove them, you'll have more arm room to throw at the oil filter. Drain the oil from the sump of the warm engine first and having then refitted the sump plug and new filter you are ready to pour in the new oil. -- another tip -- Don't bother removing the air filter assembly or the manifold heatguard. I found it easy enough to do if you stand alongside the drivers wing facing in the same direction as the car. Reach down with your left hand and grasp the filter and unscrew it. It should be on tight so should be fairly easy to undo. You won't be able to see what you are doing as your arm will block your vision and also you are facing away from the car but it shouldn't be too hard to screw the new one on. cheers laughing_cavalier. -- another tip --- Dont forget to smear a thin film of oil over the new oil filter rubber seal. If its dry and you have done a good job of cleaning away all the excess old oil in the filter housing, the seal will snag and you will end up with a slow oil leak from the filter. -- it is on the right of the generator" dynamo" and it has a special belt in garages specilaized in oil change and greasing

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2009-02-27 11:25:45
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Q: How do you change an Oil Filter on the Daewoo Matiz Year 2001 and where is it located?
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