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Legally you can't without the EPA's Secton 609 certifacation, because any refrigerant in the system must be removed by a licensed technician. And even if its empty of refrigerant, after you relace the compressor you must pull a vacuum on the system to remove air and moisture. I would recomend taking it to a garage.

The guy above probably owns an AC garage. You need to have a certified mechanic "discharge" and "re-charge" the refrigerant. However, the act of replacing the AC compressor can be done by you (although this depends on "you"). My local shop charges $85 to remove the refrigerant and replace it again after I have changed out the compressor. Tomorrow I will take the old compressor off and put the new one in...from what I gather so far...this entails removing the plastic cover below the compressor, remove the belt, remove the compressor, replace the new one and use a wrench on the belt "auto-tensioner" to get the belt back on. Run the car and make sure it works properly...then take it back to the garage, get the refrigerant re-charged and you should be good to go!

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Q: How do you change an ac compressor on a 99 Mazda 626?
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I've read that the 98 does not have one but turns off by themselves after 2 minutes or so. Going to test it out on my 99.

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I have a 99 Mazda 626 and mine is on the passenger side of the car. Look for a black cylinder close to the firewall. You should find a small screwoff cap on the black cylinder. This is where you connect your hose to add freon. The high pressure and low pressure service ports are different sizes, so you can't get them mixed up and connect to the wrong one. Hope this helps!