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This is a lot easier than you might think.First unscrew the two screws right next to the handle. Your door panels actually pop off. Take a flat head screw driver and wedge it in between the door and the panel, slowly pry the panel off. The panel is kept on by little wedges. When you have it nearly removed,the part by the top of the window will still be stuck, slowly push it upward and slide it off. Make sure to not tear off the window swith;It comes off as well, just slide it through the whole panel.When everything is off I think there are like 2 screws that hold the handle on. Unscrew those and then there is a little rod on the back side of the handle slide it off, and slip the new one on.When putting the panel back on it takes a little force, but make sure that the wedges are finding there way into the panel slots. Good luck

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Q: How do you change an interior door handle on a 1999 Ford Explorer?
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The 1999 Ford Explorer has a cam chain not a belt. No maintenance is required.

How do you change the door handle on a 1999 Suburban?

Take off the interior door panel and you will see that it is held in by a couple of 10 mm bolts/nuts. Detach the lock linkage,handle linkage and alarm sensor, remove the bolts tale the handle out.

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I ran into the same problem with my 99. Turns out the handle is riveted on and has to be done by the dealer. There is a certain tool i guess that is needed. Goodluck

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The smallest engine in a 1999 Ford Explorer is the 4.0 liter V6

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Drill it out and when replacing use a screw.

Are there struts on a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport utility?

No , the 1999 Ford Explorer Sport and the 1999 Ford Explorer 4 door have shock absorbers front and rear

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It's the plastic interior trim panel , just ahead of the drivers door , by the drivers left foot

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freon for 1999 ford explorer =========================== r134a ( Helpfull )

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Remove interior door panel and arm rest.drill out rivet that hold handle on.Find another handle at the junk yard. I don't know of anyone that can fix little piece of plastic that breaks.

How do you replace interior door handle on 1999 Chevrolet truck?

these are popular to break...drivers side as that is the one that is used more.......the handle does not come have to replace the entire assembly...around 75.00 bucks...and it is done by removing the interior door panel youll see the screws.....the rest is easy B.C.

How many quarts of oil in a 1999 Ford Explorer 4.0?

5 quarts with engine oil filter change

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There is just a rear one I believe, on top of differential

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