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How do you change an oil pump in a 1987 Mustang?

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January 06, 2007 4:23AM

The oil pan must be removed to gain access to the pump. Ok, here's the thing.....hopefully you have a 4 cylinder..... if you have a 4 cylinder, i don't think all of this will pertain to you. But if you have a 5.0L V8, then yes, the oil pan must be removed, BUT, in order to reach the oil pump, you must either jack up the engine away from the frame, or pull the whole motor out. Myself, it's just a whole lot easier to pull the motor out. Even if you're a beginner, TRUST ME it's easier. I've done it both ways. If you choose to jack up the engine away from the frame, you'll need to unbolt the motor mounts, remove the starter, unbolt the exhaust at the exhaust flanges, remove the nuts that hold the transmission to the crossmember, remove all bolts for the fan shroud, disconnect all vacuum lines and hoses that run between the upper intake and firewall, and possibly disconnect the 2 bolts on the steering shaft that are close to the exhaust manifolds. But even after you jack the engine away from the frame, you still cannot slide the oil pan out. You will be able to drop the oil pan a few inches, enough to get your hand inside. And trust me, you can't see what you're doing to take off the oil pump, it's really all by feel. If you pull the whole engine out, you can drop the oil pan all the way and see exactly what you're doing. I also recommend replacing the stock oil pump shaft with a heavy duty or chrome moly oil pump shaft before you put it all back together, that way you won't have to tear it down again if your shaft snaps in half. Heavy duty shafts only cost like $15.00 and chrome moly is around $25 or $30.