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try this web site give u pics also

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Q: How do you change ball joints in a Ford F 150?
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How many ball joints does a Ford F-150 have?

On a Ford F-150 : There are ( 4 ball joints ) * 2 upper and 2 lower on the front suspension

How to replace 2000 Ford F-150 lower ball joints?

You need to have a "Ball joint press".

Does a Ford F-150 have cv joints?

If the Ford F-150 is a 4X4 , yes , it has constant velocity joints on the front axle shafts

How many ball joints on a ford f-150?

4, 2 uppers and 2 lowers, about a $160 fix for all.

How do you replace upper ball joints in a 2008 F-150 5.4L XLT Is this something a novice mechanic can do?

how do i change the ball joint on my 2008 f150

Why is the front end on my 2000 ford f-150 4x4 squeaking?

Replace upper and lower ball joints. Not hard, but time consuming.

Click -pop sound when you turn steering wheel left or right 94 ford f-150?

Probably ball joints or tie rod ends.

How do you remove and reinstall lower ball-joints on a 1985 ford f-150.?

you will need a tool called a pickel fork buy the new ones and look at them

How much does it cost to replace ball joints in a 2003 Ford F-150?

Depending on where you live and labor costs, the aprox cost for replacing EACH ball joint would be between $225 and $300.

Ford F-150 squeaks when backing up?

check your u joints.

How to change Ford F-150 headlight bulb?

ho change the head light bulb in a 2000 ford f- 150

Why is there a slight knock in the steering as you turn left in a 98 Ford F-150?

slight knock when turning can be caused by a loose wheel bearing,worn ball joints,or ball joints that need grease,can also be caused by a worn bearing in side the steering column,or worn out shock absorber.

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