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try this web site give u pics also


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On a Ford F-150 : There are ( 4 ball joints ) * 2 upper and 2 lower on the front suspension

You need to have a "Ball joint press".

4, 2 uppers and 2 lowers, about a $160 fix for all.

If the Ford F-150 is a 4X4 , yes , it has constant velocity joints on the front axle shafts

Depending on where you live and labor costs, the aprox cost for replacing EACH ball joint would be between $225 and $300.

you will need a tool called a pickel fork buy the new ones and look at them

slight knock when turning can be caused by a loose wheel bearing,worn ball joints,or ball joints that need grease,can also be caused by a worn bearing in side the steering column,or worn out shock absorber.

Replace upper and lower ball joints. Not hard, but time consuming.

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This is a general procedure checklist for removing most balljoints on 4x4's. - Remove wheel - remove brakes/caliper/rotor - remove wheel bearing/hub assy/4x4 assy (some assy's don't need removing to replace ball joints, if able to get to joint) - need press to remove joints or a hammer, chisel and lot's of elbow grease. Usually torches make it easier. Or remove the spindle and take to a bench press to remove the ball joints. Most places I know do this. - installation is the reverse Ball joints on 4x4's are typically a job that cost's lot's and for good reason. The joints can be a real treat getting out. Good luck.

I do not have a clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SORRY!!!

well i just replaced my ball joints on my 94 F-150 and what i did was tore the axels down and pulled the brake callipers and brake disks, to get to the ball joints. un bolted the nuts and took the peice holding the ball joints in and had them pressed out at a auto shop saved me like 200 dollars. But you need a ball joint press if you wanna do it on your own.

Do you want the ignition switch or the key tumbler?

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You need to change your oil for your Ford F-150 every 3000-5000 miles. Every 3 months is another good rule to go by.

The joints are cheap so it's all a matter of labor in your area-about 2 hrs but they almost never need replaced. If you are handy it's easy to do yourself.

How to change light blub in console on a Ford F150.

6 quarts with the filter change.

depends on who doing the work and is it 4x4 ; yourself ,parts $90-$120 per ball joint + tool rental (ball joint extractor), and if it 4x4 around $150 for the new seals. 8-12 hrs depends on how much it is siezed

How many quarts of transmission fluid is required to change transmission fluid in a 1993 150 Ford Van?

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