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Drain the oil, drain the gas tank, remove the battery, and then stand the mower up on it's end. The whole bottom is exposed. Remove the deck , and then you can change either belt you need to. Best bet is to get a user manual for the mower. The manual explains it all in detail.

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What is the name of the belts on a riding lawn mower?

There is usually a deck belt and a drive belt.

How do i Change belt for blades Murray riding mower model 40907X20A?

I changed the blade belt on my Murray mower. Now one blade stops and goes. If I lower the deck the blade stop . What did I do wrong?

Photo or video of deck removing sears riding mower?

i changed the belt on my 42' craftsman riding mower, belt route is right but may belt is burning up. I don't know if my levers are connected right.

How do you change a mower deck belt on a John Deere L130?

How do you change a mower deck belt on a John Deere L130?Read more: How_do_you_change_a_mower_deck_belt_on_a_John_Deere_L130

How do you change the transmission drive belt on a John Deere LA150?

Disingage the mower deck take off the mower deck look under neath their and replace the belt

How do you install belt to mowing deck on 42 cut Murray 15.5 riding lawnmower?

I have Murray 42" cut riding mower that the belt came off. How do I put the belt back on?

How do you remove a deck belt from a white riding lawn mower?

um.. you use your hands to pull it out dumbbutt

Belt size for yard machine riding mower 20 hp 46 in cut?

what size is the belt for a 46 in cut deck belt with 6 pulley's.

Need a deck belt diagram for a Sabre 1646hs riding mower?

Here's a diagram I found. God bless...

How do you change a John deere la 175 mower deck belt configuration.is there a diagram?

You can change a John Deere LA 175 mower deck belt configuration by checking the diagrams and instructions in the owner's or manufacturer's manual basically.

Is there a total belt less riding mower on the market?

The 3000 Series Cub Cadet supposedly have no belts, not transmission belt nor deck belts.

Mower deck belt diagram john deere 216?

what size belt on a john deere 216 from motor to mower deck

Belt diagram for Troy-bilt riding lawn mower?

diagram for belt should be on deck left side as you sit on tractor by left foot

How do you tighten or loosen a deck belt?

If refering to a riding mower deck belt tention is usually controlled by a spring attached to a floating pully or wheel. All depends on which one of the many mowers made you have

How do you change a belt on a John Deere L118?

To change the mower deck belt; Lower the deck to it's lowest position. Remove the mower deck by pulling the two pins on either side at the rear of the deck. Remove the pin holding the front of the deck. Remove the belt from the drive pulley under the engine. Slide the deck out from under the chassis. Remove three bolts holding the plastic shroud on the left blade pulley. Make a note of how the belt wraps all pulleys and idlers. You can now replace the belt and follow the above steps in reverse order to replace the mower deck.

Why does the deck belt come off a craftsman riding mower even after installing a new belt?

You may have installed the wrong size belt? One of your spindles may be bent. Double check to see that your spindles are not bent and that you have purchased the correct belt for your mower.

How do you replace the belt on a john deere riding lawn mower?

There are two belts the drive belt is very easy its easier to drop the mower deck then you place belt on rear pulley and start it on the front pullley and rotate it on by hand . The deck belt - you have to remove belt guards the rout the belt i always tell people to take a digital photo to refer back to.

When engaging mower deck on a Craftsman riding mower it kills the engine?

Usually there is a problem with the belts that drive the blades, after you stop the mower. Take a close look at the belts and assure that the belt is tracking and the pulleys are aligned. If you are unsure of the belt routing recheck the manual.

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