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How do you change brake in 2000 BMW 528i?


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March 09, 2013 2:22AM

I just did this yesterday

first you will probably need an impact wrench because the bolts you will be reaching are hard to loosen or tighten and are in an awkward position. Take your wheel off. (It will take an 18mm socket if you don't have the tire iron.) Then you will need to open the bleed valve on the back of the caliper. (The bleed valve will usually have a small black cap on it, the bleed valve looks like a nipple on top of a nut with a distinct whole in the center.) Open the bleed valve with a 12mm open ended wrench when you see brake fluid come out use the round end of the open ended wrench to pry between the two brake pads till there is enough space that they are not touching the rotor. With pressure still on the brake pads, close the bleed valve. There are two bolts on the back of the caliper, 18mm, take out the bottom one, then the top one and the caliper will come off. take off the brake pad sensor, it pulls strait back off the caliper take off the spring from the back of the caliper (the spring has two little hooks and arms that level the caliper out) take out the old brake pads put in the new brake pads then go in reverse order of directions to put back on.

IF YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE ROTOR before changing rotor I recommend buying a screw extractor, not very expensive and will save you a huge headache!!! WHILE THE CALIPER IS OFF take a 6mm Allen wrench and unscrew the rotor bolt. (It will be the only bolt on the rotor) tap the old rotor with a hammer or rubber mallet, because it may be frozen on. Put the new rotor on put your lug nuts in and tighten down hand snug to align your rotor. Put your rotor bolt back in and tighten down TIGHT (If you did not buy a BMW rotor you may not have a rotor bolt to put back in) put caliper back on, take lug nuts out, and put wheel back on

and now you have new brakes

PS don't forget to add more DOT 4 brake fluid.