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The answer to your question is difficult,but you can go to your local libary and get a repair manual for your answer.Or,you can buy one at Auto Zone, etc.

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How do you change your front wheel brake shoes for a 1995 Mercury Cougar?

1995 Mercury Cougar does not have front wheel brake shoes. It has disc brakes and therefore disc brake pads. Copy & paste this link into your browser.

Does an 1995 Chrysler New Yorker have brake shoes or brake pads in the rear?

Yes! It could have either disc brake pads or brake shoes in the rear. Look behind or through the wheel to see if the car has brake drums and shoes or brake rotors and calipers with brake pads.

How do you change the rear brake shoes on a 1994 Toyota Tacoma?

Toyota did not build the Tacoma in 1994. 1995 was the Tacoma's first year.

How are the brake drums and shoes replaced on a 1995 Camry V6?

Remove the wheels from your 1995 Toyota Camry. Remove the brake pads by removing the brake pad Springs. Tap on the brake drum with a hammer or mallet. Slide the brake drums off. Reverse the process to install the new brake drums and shoes.

1995 Ford Explorer rear brake shoes?

My 1995 Ford Explorer XLT has disk brakes front and rear , so it takes brake pads 1991 to 1994 Ford Explorers had drum brakes on the rear , so they took brake shoes

Where is the wheel cylinder located on a 1995 chrysler cirrus?

It is inside the rear brake drums. It is the part that pushes the brake shoes out against the drum.It is inside the rear brake drums. It is the part that pushes the brake shoes out against the drum.

1995 Toyota Camry back brakes grunting?

You have to replace brake shoes.

What is the difference between brake pads and shoes?

brake shoes are used with drum brakes and are " spread out " when the brake pedal is applied ( brake shoes are used for the rear brakes on 1991 to 1994 Ford Explorers ) brake pads are used with disc brakes and squeeze on both sides of the brake rotor when the brake pedal is applied ( 1995 and newer Ford Explorers have disc brakes front and rear )

What is the bulb number for a 1995 Chevy silverado brake light?

Why not just remove the bad bulb and look see what model it is?

How do you change the brake booster in a 1995 GMC Jimmy?

Begin by removing the brake lines from your 1995 GMC Jimmy brake booster. Remove the brake booster retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new brake booster.

How do you replace the brake shoes on a 1995 polo 1.4?

How do I replace rear brakes on a VW Polo GTI

Will a 2010 silverado interior fit a 1995 silverado?

No, it will not.

I just had my rear brake shoes replaced 7 months ago and my repair shop says I need e-brake shoes. Is there a difference between rear brake shoes and e-brake shoes on a 1996 Ford Explorer Sport?

I'm assuming your 1996 Sport is like my 1995 Explorer XLT and has disc brakes front and rear that take brake pads . On the inside of the rear brake rotors is a small set of emergency / parking brake shoes . I know this because I had an emergency brake shoe stick on and was causing a vibration and the wheel to get hot so I had the e-brake shoes changed on both sides and everything re-lubricated etc.

What size are a 1995 jeep Cherokee sports rear brake shoes 9 or 10 inches?

i bought 9

Why is the brake pedal feel so low and spongy after a brake change on a 1995 Honda Civic?

You probably have air in the brake hydraulic line. Bleed the air out of the brake lines.

Fuse box diagram for 1995 silverado 1500?

Fuse box diagram for 1995 silverado 1500

Can you put a 1995 LT1 in a 1995 Chevy silverado?

A 1995 LT1 engine can be put into a 1995 Chevy Silverado with minimal changes. This will increase the overall power and performance of the vehicle.

How do you change a fuel pump on a 1995 silverado pickup?

You have to drop the fuel tank. The pump is located inside the tank.

RPM and speedometer not working 1995 silverado 2wd?

rpm and speedometer gauges not working 1995 Chevy silverado 2wd

How to change brake master cylinder 1995 Saturn?

Refer to for a complete procedure

How do you fix a leaking rear brake on a 1995 Chevy Suburban?

change out your wheel cylinders..

Will a 2003 silverado front end fit 1995 silverado?

No everything about it is different.

Can rear brake shoes on a 1995 Buick Lesabre be changed without special tools?

Yes, no special tools needed. A brake shoe spring retractor tool will make it easier.

What are the bulb numbers for 1995 Chevy silverados tail brake turn signal and third eye lights?

1995 Chevrolet Silverado - See sources and related links below for complete automotive bulb list.

My 1995 Chevy truck is making a grounding noise when you go in reverse?

Check the rear brake shoes, they self adjust in reverse.