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How do you change brakes on a 2003 Mazda Protege?

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2008-12-18 18:57:50

There are two bolts (17mm head) on each caliper, one on top, one

on the bottom, both on the inside of the wheel. The one on the

bottom can be removed with a ratchet, the bolt on top will need a

box end 12 point wrench due to the limited space given to work

with. Remove these and the caliper will lift off the rotor. Using a

flat blade screw driver pry the old brake pads from the bracket

without bending the bracket. These will be reused with the new

brake pads. With a "C-clamp", or similar device, slowly compress

the brake piston. (You will notice brake fluid leaking from the

reservoir. Have a drip pan ready if you don't want brake fluid on

the floor or ground.) CAUTION: If the piston is compressed too

quickly the pressure could damage the cylinoid. Make sure the

brackets are secure in the caliper and relatively clean. Set the

new pads in the brackets just as the old ones were making sure

outside pad and inside pad are on the correct sides of the caliper.

Resecure caliper with the bolts that were removed. After completing

both sides, before driving the vehicle, pump the brake petal to

recharge the brake line and set the new pads against the rotars.

This should take only 2-3 pumps before noticing a change in

pressure. Good luck.

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