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How do you change brakes on a 94 ford ranger?


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The disc brakes are pretty simple. First jack the truck and put it on stands. remove the wheel and expose the brake caliper. There's usually 2 bolts that hold the caliper together-undo them. Upon removing the caliper, the brake pads can be pulled right off. Take the lid off the master brake cylinder to make opening the calipers easier. I recommend using a caliper spreader to open the caliper back up BEFORE you put in the new pads. If not, a giant channel lock will roughly do the job. While you're down there, give the rotor a good look and feel as a bad rotor will eat up new brakes like crazy. Put it all back together, take it off the jack stands and fire it up! While still in park, depress the brake pedal a few times to insure pressure in the lines. Top off brake fluid as necessary. Done!