How do you change brakes on f-250 when they are grinding?

If they are grinding, chances are the rotors are shot too. I just bought rotors and pads. $400.00 Canadian. Push out the retainers, top, bottom, pull off pads. Remover rotors. Your new rotors should come with bearing races already installed, there should be in front and one in behind. It would be advisable at this time to clean and repack your bearings, (with bearing grease!) install the new rotors and old bearings. If your not sure if your bearings are worn or not, you SHOULD at this time have someone look at them or just replace them. cause you have them out anyway AND it would suck to have to spend more money for new rotors if the bearings went. you will need a significant amount pressure to close the brake pistons enough to get your new pads back on the truck. once that is done. put the retainers back in and pump your brakes till you feel adequate pressure and pedal height. Then slowly go for a test drive to make sure they work.