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It does not have a carburetor.

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I have a 93 lumina apv and the flasher is located on the passager side under the glove compartmet, remover the screws that holds the cover and you will see the flasher

How many crankshaft senors do a 93 lumina have

I can't answer about the diagram, but you won't find a cap and rotor...they don't have one. Electronic ignition. Follow a plug wire back. Where you'd expect to find the distributor, you'll find the electronic ignition instead. 93 Chev Lumina APV does have a cap and rotor and also have ignition coils it all depends which factory it was built at. As for Diagrams i find HaynesRepair manual is pretty good.

There is one behind the harmonicbalancer and crank pulley. There is also one on the backside lower center part of the engine that has a cover so you would miss it if you didn't know it was there. This is on the 3.8l. Hopes this helps.

Yes. But they use different wire harnesses and ECM's. The 93 has less electronics than the 96 year Lumina's.

If the motor has been replaced and the window still does not operate properly there is likely a wiring issue. The wiring from the fuse box to the window motor is likely the culprit.

i have the same problem with my 92 Lumina and i cant figure it out i have tried every thing

On the bottom/back of the engine

my 93 lumina was cutting out and i cahnged the fuel filter and spark plugs and it runs good

it depend on what parts. the 93 luminas are part of the first gen, and the 96 is second gen. some 93 luminas have the same 3.4 L DOHC(207 in

It will not run and will appear to be out of fuel.

Under the vehicle, behind the driver.

There is not a camshaft sensor on the '93 3.1 Lumina, just a crank sensor on the back side of the engine between the block and the barrel of the transaxle. Easy enough to get to from underneath the car.

Back side of the engine....mounted in the exhaust manifold.

If you look at the plug wires you will see were they hook to the coils.

I had a similar problem with the dash light fuse blowing on my 93 Lumina APV. Had it back to the Chevy dealer several times but they were not able to, or didn't want to take the time to look for the problem. I finally took maters into my own hands and took out the cowling around the instrument display.I found the problem was in the wiring bundle that was against the steering column. The insulation was worn where the wires made contact with the steering column. A little electricians tape and a piece of cardboard fixed the problem. No trouble now for 5 years.

To change % to fraction: Divide the % by 100% Example: To change 93% to fraction: 93%/100% = 93/100

It is on the throttle plate opposite of the bellcrank.

It is directly under the drivers side on the frame of the car : -)

idk ask a freaken car person --HARRY POTHEAD

its on the throttle body just above the throttle position sensor (t.p.s)

According to manufacturer specs it's 16.5 gallons.

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