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How do you change characters on Kingdom Hearts instead of being Sora all the time?


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you cant you can only be sora but in kingdom hearts 2 there will be some parts where you are not sora.

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There are two playable characters in both Kingdom Hearts chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories; Sora and Riku. Sora is the default playable character. Upon completion, however, a new mode of the game is unlocked, allowing the player to play as Riku. The title screen will change into "Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Reverse/Rebirth" when Riku is unlocked.

Only by starting a new game. When you have finished all three characters then it shows you how it connects up in the Trinity Archives.

you go to party in the pause menu but you can not change your party during a boss fight. this goes for all the kingdom hearts.

Well it depends on where you are in the story. At the start when you are Roxas you will change into Sora, or if you die there is a small chance that you play as king mikey. Other than that there is NO switching people.

no it comes out on ps3 unless if they change it

well, going with the story, heartless are made when a person totally gives up in the light side of the world. but there are also characters in the kingdom hearts that can change people into heartless. basically, going back 2 kingdom hearts 2, once a persons heart was collected in the sky for kingdom hearts, that body from which it came from would turn into a dusk (assuming they had a strong heart). there soul however turned into a heartless. hope this helps a little

nope. none. there aren't any cheats for Kingdom Hearts, although you can modify your game if you buy something called Action Replay and then you can change aspects of the game.

Currently, there are no Kingdom Hearts games in the PS3. Hopefully that will change in the future.

Go to the Configuration and change the language. It might take a bit of experimenting.

No, the English version come out on September 7th

You see the spinning circles with green light coming from them? Save spots. Walk over them and the context menu at the bottom will change to "save", pretty straightforward!Any other Kingdom Hearts questions you should check out, a great Kingdom Hearts community of KH and Final Fantasy lovers

Sephiroth is rather difficult in Kingdom Hearts II, but not nearly as hard as he was in Kingdom Hearts. I suggest waiting until you are a higher level (70 and up) and use the Fatal Crest Keyblade, so when he uses Sin Harvest and depletes your magic, your ATTACK command will change to BERSERK. this helps ;D

No you never get the crown in any Kingdom Hearts game, it's really just there for artwork and decoration. Edit: However, if you are in Halloween town and use Final Form, instead of the normal pumpkin mask Sora is wearing, it should change into a crown. Such as, if Wisdom form is being used, it changed into a witch-hat like thing..

Yes. Once the regular storyline is completed , the title screen will change and the words Reverse/Rebirth will appear under the Kingdom Hearts logo. The picture of Sora will turn into Riku and he will then be a playable character.

You can't give Riku a keyblade, he just gets it in Kingdom Hearts 1 when he goes in the Door To Darkness. AA: Riku is just a world specific ally so you cant change his weapon

you can't the only way you can change his clothes color is by using forms

As far as I know, there are no codes for it. According to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, however (, you can change into the Anti Form by gaining what is often called Anti Points. These points are gained by taking hits while in any Drive form. When these points hit a certain level (there's no way to know for sure), attempting to change into any Drive form will result in Anti Form instead.

you can not play kingdomhearts 2 final mix on kingdom hearts 2. You can buy kingdomhearts 2 final mix at it cost about $ 65.00 and it is in japense. You can change it so you can play it on your English playstion 2 by getting a swap magic disc, their is one for the fat ps2 and the slim ps2. You can buy this at

No, you will always play as Sora throughout the game. Yes, you do actually get to play as a shadow when Sora is turned into a heartless, but it's still Sora. You can only change your "sidekicks" in Kingdom Hearts (as in Goofy, Donald, Aladdin, Jack, Ariel, Peter Pan, and others). However, if you enjoy playing as different characters, I would recommend Kingdom Hearts 2. In the beginning you get to play as Roxas, and at the very end you have to play as Riku when Sora is trapped by Xemnas. You can even play as King Mickey, because if you lose during a certain boss fight, he will appear and fight until Sora regains health. Note: he does this for several boss fights, but ONLY for boss fights. And if you enjoyed playing as a shadow in Kingdom Hearts, then there is a similar thing in the sequel One of your drive forms is anti-form, meaning you are basically anti-Sora for a little while.

Riku's weapon (The Way to the Dawn) cannot be unequipped. You cannot change his weapon.

to change your keyblade, you simply press start when not in battle. select equipment and select sora now change your keyblade...if you hav any.

Nope but they always speak English but text is Japanese and you can't change it.

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