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remove plastic around instrument panel . remove screws from instrument panel then pull panel towards you to unplug it this will allow to get to dach lights

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Q: How do you change dash lights in 2001 intrepid?
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How do you replace dashboard lights on 2001 Dodge Intrepid?

the meaning of the yellow trangular light on the dash board of the 2003 seat leon car

Can you change the dash lights in 2001 Pontiac grand prix gt?

yes you can

How do you change dash lights on a 95 Ford Ranger?

How to change dash lights on a 95 Ford Ranger?

Where is the evaportator core on a 2001 Dodge Intrepid?

It is inside the passenger side of the dash.

How do you change the dash board lights on a 1995 Mercury Tracer?

How do you change dash board lights on a 1995 Mercury Tracer.

In a 1994 Chrysler Intrepid what is the cause of the dash panel not working aside from the signal lights?

check fuses

Why 2001 sephia dash lights rear lights not working?


If the right half of the dash lights on a 2001 Toyota Corrolla do not work do you change a fuse or a light bulb?


Where is the Dash board lights fuse of Ford Mondeo 2001?

Where is the Dash board lights fuse of ford mondeo 2002 lx

How to replace lights on 2001 impala dash?

If all the dash lights are out, it is the switch that is the problem.other wise, you have to remove all the lowre pannels to get at the bolts that hold the dash cluster in.

Why would I have no taillights or dash lights in my 2001 ZX2 Ford Escort?

The fuse is blown. They put the dash lights and tail lights on the same fuse so that if you are driving at night the absence of the dash lights will be made relevent to you in order to get your tail lights fixed.

How do you replace the dash lights on a 2001 Acura TL?

you fix them

What fuse is for the plate lights on my 2001 vw jeeta?

Should be parking/tail/dash lights

Where is the ac evaporator located on a 2001 Dodge Intrepid?

Under the dash, inside the ac box, passenger side

How do you replace panel lights on a Toyota sequoia?

How do I replace the dash panel lights on a 2001 toyota sequoia?

Why do my dash lights pulse on my 2001 chevy blazer?

The alternator is failing.

Can you change the colour of the dash lights on a Nissan?


2001 Chevy sub no dash lights?

Assuming the dash light dimmer switch is not off, check the fuse.

What do the dash lights mean on the 2001 ford escape?

Click on the link below Click on Owner Guides The owners manual ( and an explanation of the dash lights ) can be viewed on-line

How do you replace the dash lights on a 2001 Nissan maxima?

Typically your dash lights go out when you are driving with no tail/brake lights. So check those fusses to see if one is blown, this is a safety feature.

Ford Taurus dashboard lights?

symbols on dash of ford tarius 2001

Have 2001 Buick Regal dash lights to go out How can this be corrected?

It was the dimmer switch..

Where is the fuse for the dash lights and gauges on a dodge caravan 2001?

In the fuse box under dash, left of steering column.

Heat quits working on my 1998 Dodge Intrepid all dash lights are on?

If all the dash warning lights are illuminated, you probably have more problems than not getting any heat. The only time all the warning lights come on at once is just before starting the engine, as a lamp check.

Why is it that the lights on the left side of your car and your dash lights quit?

you probably need to change your fuses you probably need to change your fuses

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