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How do you change dim headlights on a '93 Ford Explorer?

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1. You may have a bad ground. 2. The battery may not be charging, due to a bad battery or alternator

The dim lights are probably caused by hazed,cloudy, or fogged out plastic lenses. I detail headlights at used car dealerships and I use a product called CrystaLenz. Their product works extremely well without removing the lens or using any special tools. You can get more info. at www.crystalenz.com

How does that even answer the question?

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Why would the interior dash lights go out when you turn on the headlights on a Ford Explorer Limited?

Your insturment pannel is currently set to auto dim. page78 in owners guide

Why are headlights dim in your safari van?

Usually dim headlights are caused by a poor ground connection.

Why will headlights work when on bright but not on dim on a 1990 Ford Crown Victoria?

You've got a bad headlight switch and need to replace it, that's the switch you pull in the dash to turn the lights on. That's why the headlights only work on bright but not dim.

When do you dim your headlights?

the courteous time to dim your headlights is as soon as you see another vehicle, or within one half mile.

Why would the headlights not work on dim if the fuses are good on a 1993 Ford Ranger?

If the headlights are halogen, these tend to be sensitive to voltage spikes. Before replacing the headlights, have the electrical system checked for faulty voltage regulation.

When should you dim you headlights?

when there are oncoming cars, it is appropriate to dim your headlights when they are about 300ft away. Check your diver manual for the most correct answer.

Why do headlights not dim?

Your headlights may not dim because you don't have dimmer lights. Dimmer lights can blow and leave you with just the high beams.

When following another vehicle at what distance should you dim your headlights?

If you can see the area lit by their headlights, then you are probably close enough to dim your own.

How many feet you should dim your headlights when following a vehicle?

You should dim your headlights within 500 feet of the car in front of you. The rule of thumb is, if you can see another car, dim your lights.

2003 ford escort illumination lights are dim and when turn headlights on the illumination panel goes out?

On my zx2 there is a button on the lower part of the dash by the drivers door that you can brighten or dim the lights... Not sure this is your problem but it is worth a try ... I use it to dim them when driving at night..

What will cause your running lights on a 98 gmc sierra to work but your dim headlights not work?

If by "dim headlights" you mean low-beams... the bulbs are bad and must be replaced.

Why would the headlights on my 2002 Toyota Tacoma work on dim?

The headlights on the 2002 Toyota Tacoma might work on dim but not on high beam because of a blown fuse. If the headlights are too dim to see properly in the dark, there could also be a problem with the alternator and the charging system in the vehicle.

What causes the headlights to dim in a 2005 trailblazer?

you might have a short in your alternator. In my car the headlights would dim when I put on the brakes or tried to use cigerette lighter to power up my phone.


it is problebly the alternator or the battery most parts stores like autozone and advanceauto will test them for free

Why would the headlights of a 1988 Honda LXI be weak on dim and the bright lights only work on the right side?

A bad ground wire will cause dim headlights, or will cause lights not to work.

Why are your headlights so dim?

A common reason for dim headlights are failing bulbs that need to be replaced or improper cleaning. It may also be a more serious wiring issue that will need additional work.

How do you fix dim headlights on 2002 impala?

i have two problems my dim headlights will not come on.and when go to put in gas it will flow back word make it seem like the car is full.

In Florida when approaching another vehicle from the rear at night how many feet must you dim you headlights?

in florida you must dim your headlights from the oncoming traffic at 500 feet. and from the rear at 300 feet.

Tried cleaning grounds on your 95 mark 8 still dim?

What's dim? If it's the headlights, they have to be compounded out and then polished.

When should you dim your headlights?

When you get 300 feet from the car coming ahead.

When approaching a vehicle from the rear at night within how many feet must you dim your bright headlights?

according to Florida handsbook, you must dim your bright headlights within 300 feet of the vehicle ahead.

How do you use dim in a sentence?

Her headlights were dim and made it hard to drive. Another good sentence would be, she put the lights on dim to make it feel romantic in the room.

Car headlights must be used from?

You can put your dim lights on as soon as it gets a little bit dark, when it gets darker you can change to full beam.

Why do the headlights seem so dim on a 2000 TC?

The most common cause for dim headlights is a bad ground connection. Headlights draw a relatively large amount of current. Any loose or corroded connection in the circuit will drop a large amount of voltage, which doesn't leave enough for the headlights to operate properly.

Why would you need to replace the headlights on your Chevy truck?

You need to periodically replace the headlights on your Chevy truck when the headlights start getting dim. You can purchase replacement headlights from retailers such as Parts Source.

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