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how to change font colours 2how to change font colours 2

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If you change font color on computer will document print that color?

if you have a color printer

How do you change font in fax?

A fax is a transmisison of an image of a document - whatever font the document was printed in will be transmitted by the fax. To change the font of the fax, reprint the document in a different font.

What is the definition of font color?

Font color is the color of a font on a computer screen, on a printed document, or in HTML/CSS/web design (the website's font color). Hope that helps.

How do you change the font on MySpace?

To change your font in myspace you put <font face="font you want goes here"> to change the color of your font you put <font color="the color you want"> to make your letters big you but <big>

How will you change the font in your document?

We can change the font in our document by clicking the 1. Select the text. 2. Click on the Font drop down menu. 3. Select the desired font from the Font list options

How do you change font color on your email letter?

set the color:#000000; property in css to change the color of the font.

Can you change the font color on Neopets?

Yes. Here is the coding. <font c="color"></font>

What sets color scheme font font size and layout of presentation?

Document Theme

When you have multiple fonts in a document in Microsoft Word 2010 is there a way to change all of one font to a different font all at the same time without having to siphon through the whole document?

open document and select all,Ctrl+A then change font from home tab as u ussualy do,this will change complete document to that font

How do you change the color and size font?

the font tag has a attribute called "style" that can be used to change the style of the font. another way of changing font is to use a css document. style attribute example: <font style="font-size:20px">HELLO</font> css document example: <head> <style type="text/css"> font { font-family:"Times New Roman"; font-size:20px; } </style> </head> <body> <font>HELLO</font> </body> Hope this helps (:

How do you change the font color on myspace?

There is a button that says change color font, where you click it and then pick what ever color you want to be in.

How do you change the font on your myspace profile?

Use This Code To Change Whatever Words you want: <font color="NAME OF COLOR">TEXT</font>

How do you change you letter coloring on MySpace profile?

to change the font color for myspace it would be <font color="and what ever color you want">

How can you change the text color on windows notepad?

You cannot change the color of the font on windows notepad but if you click Format then you click Font... you can change the Font Font Style and the Size. If you really want to change the color try Windows WordPad or Microsoft-Word.

List four features of a word processor?

Type text Format font - change color, size, style Format paragraph - change line size, Format document - background of the document

What is it called in excel when you change the font style to bold increase the font size and change the font color?

This is referred to as "font formatting."

How do you change font colors on MySpace?

Type <font color="blue">Your text</font>

Can you change the font color on Facebook?


How do you change the font color when you type?

The font color of the HTML code can be changed while in web page. It can be done using style="font-color:your-color".

Why you can not change font and paragraph in a word document?

It may be the word you have

What is formatting a document?

formatting a document means to change a document. like changing font,underline,bold and so on

How do you change the color of the font when sending a comment on Friendster?

well,in order to change the color of your font in friendster comments,, you must use the HTML properties.. just like this one.. <font color="white">your comment here</font> just try this..

Change font color in nokia e63?

You can't change the font colour in Notes or Active Notes, but you can in QuickOffice. You go Options > Format > Font > Font Colour. Here you can change the font colour.

How can you change the color of word on MySpace?

<font color= deeppink> to do that you would have to put <font color= COLOR HERE> before the word you want to be that color :]

How do you change the font and color on the kin one?

you change the font by "squeezing" the screen with your fingers to change the color type in " how to change theme on the kin one in the answers search engine