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How do you change front break pads?



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Firstly pop the bonnet and remove the cap from the break fluid reservoir, now crack the nuts on the two front wheels. Jack the car up take the wheel nuts off and remove the wheel, the caliper holding the pads around the disc will usually have two bolts going from one side to the other remove the bolts and pry the entire caliper away from the disc. remove the old pads and push the piston on the break caliper back in with either a G-clamp or a big pair of grips. place the new pads in the caliper slot it over the disc line up the bolt holes and but the bolts back threw tighten them up and then replace the wheel tighten up the bolts diagonally from each over to make sure the wheel goes on straight. once you have done this to both sides replace the cap on the break fluid reservoir make sure there is no spilled break fluid as it strips paint if there is pour water onto it. there is no need to bleed the breaks unless the fluid has been in there for years as over time break fluid absorbs water which compresses so you have to push the pedal harder for less breaking power.