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1. Remove the brake master cylinder reservoir cap. Siphon and recycle approximately half the fluid from the reservoir.

2. Raise and support the vehicle safely.

3. Remove the wheels.

4. Remove the disc brake caliper guide pins.Torx bolt 40 or 45 (can't remember which)

It is not necessary to disconnect the hydraulic lines.

5. Lift the disc brake caliper from the anchor plate.

6. Position the disc brake caliper out of the way by suspending with a wire.

7. Remove the brake pads from the anchor plate.

To install:

8. Inspect the rotor surfaces for scoring or buildup of lining material. Minor imperfections do not require machining. Hand sand the glaze from the rotor using 150 grit aluminum oxide sand paper.

9. Use a C-clamp and wooden block to seat the disc brake caliper hydraulic piston in its bore, as illustrated. This must be done to provide clearance for the disc brake caliper to fit over the front rotor during installation.

10. Remove all built-up rust from the inside of the brake caliper pad contact area.

11. Install the brake pads, with the clip on insulators, into the front brake caliper anchor plate.

12. Install the disc brake caliper onto the anchor plate.

13. Install the disc brake caliper guide pins and tighten to 23-38 ft. lbs. (31-38 Nm).

Failure to tighten the lug nuts to the proper torque in a star pattern may result in damage to the brake rotor.

14. Install the wheel and tighten lug nuts to 83-112 ft. lbs. (113-153 Nm).

15. Lower the vehicle.

16. Pump the brake pedal to seat the brake pads.

Answer to replacing front brake padsThe unspoken crime of the automotive industry is the ease at replacing brake pads. Each year, people spend millions of dollars paying for a service that they can easily do by themselves. It is as easy as changing your oil. It is very easy to change the front disc brakes on a Ford Windstar '03. I have an 03 Limited. First, remove the wheel. Then, loosen the bottom bolt that holds the caliper in place. Swing the caliper up! Next, remove the brake pads by pulling them from the disc. Then, use a caliper tool to reset it. Next, spread the break pad lubricant on the brake pad and the caliper; this will lessen/eliminate noise when the brakes are applied. Lower the caliper onto the new brake pads - the most difficult part in my opinion - and secure the bolt. YOU ARE DONE! It's a good idea to secure your new brake pads by making short stops and pushing the brake pedal down as far as it will go. You've just saved yourself at least $100 bucks!

The front rotors have four to five Allen headed retaining bolts near the center of the hub(around the hub). These have to be carefully removed as to not damage or strip the heads. I suggest spraying with some liquid wrench before attempting to unscrew. Remember, right to tight, left to loose.

How to Install Front Brake Pads

Check Related links below.

There is actually a video on how to install front brake pads.

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Q: How do you change front disc brakes on a Ford Windstar?
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