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How do you change head lamp on 1996 Chevyblazer?


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2006-10-21 03:37:30
2006-10-21 03:37:30

Look behind your headlights and you will see wires leading up to a plastic connector, turn this counter clockwise and gently pull to remove the headlight from the headlight assembly. After you have removed the light disconnect it from the wiring harness by pulling out the tabs on both sides. When you remove the bulb take note that the high beam will be a clear bulb and the low beam will have an opaque center. When you install your new bulbs be sure not to touch the glass as this can severely shorten its lifespan.


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how do you change the low beam head lamp on a 2006 grand prix?

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the head lamp has a removable bulb that twists out like a regular house bulb

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The headlamps are an assembly, and the lenses/covers can not be removed.

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The headlight has a couple of large black covers on the back that can be unscrewed. Remove the head lamp being careful to not touch the glass.

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