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You don't. Instead, you replace the entire assembly.

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Q: How do you change headlight lens 2002 Passat?
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Change headlight assembly 94 jeep grandcherokee?

how to change the headlight lens on a grangcherokee jeep

How do you replace the side marker light bulb on a 2002 passat?

you push in front of lens into bumper, and than slide lens into bumper and it will pop out, then change bulb by pulling socket out.

How can i change the headlight lens on a peugeot 407?

i have dropted the bulb into the headlight and i want to remove the lens to get it out any ideas thanks

Can you remove the headlight lens only on 2002 mercury sable?

Not they are sealed.

Honda 300 fourtrax headlight How do you change the bulb?

To change a Honda 300 Fourtrax headlight, first unscrew the lens and remove it, twist the bulb out of the socket, insert a new bulb and then replace the lens.

How do you change a headlight lens on a 2003 Honda Civic?

you need to remove the bumper to access the 2 10mm bolts of the headlight

How do you Change the front turn signal on 2002 cavalier?

you need to remove the headlight and turn signal lens as a assembly , usually one bolt on top of radiator support , and then the headlight unit has a snap lock onto the fender ,

How do you replace Mercedes w124 headlight lens?

how to replace the headlight

How do you change headlight lens on a 1991 Dodge Spirit?

unplug the bulb, then remove the metal clips on front of headlight that secure it to the grill. pull the headlight straight out of the front of the grill. This is the best way to change the bulb as well.

How to remove BMW headlight lens?

If you want to remove the BMW headlight lens simply follow the user manual.

How to clean the headlight lens on your Volkswagen Beetle?

My Beetle is a 2002 it had some bad yellowing of the headlights, I tried The Headlight Solution at , the advanced headlight restoration kit worked great, it was fast, and easy. Good Luck.

How do you take off the headlight lens on a 98 Toyota corolla?

Actually.. to take the headlight lens apart, put the Oven on 200, put the headlight assembly in oven for a few minutes at a time, as the headlight assy heats up, the adhesive will loosen up making it easy to remove the lens. For a demonstration, go to Youtube and type in "How to remove headlight lens from assembly"

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