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How do you change headlights on 2002 Grand Am?

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How to Change Headlights 2002 Grand AM

How to Change Headlights on 2002 Pontiac Grand AM

Be sure you have the correct Light Bulbs prior to starting this


Tools I required for project. Flat head Screwdriver, Pliers, 1

each Bandage

Estimated time required the first time 30 miniutes. You can do


With Engine off and Key removed from ignition Open Hood,

Standing in front of either Headlight Passenger or Drivers


Look Down ( Locate two each Tork Screws for aiming Head Lights

DO NOT Turn but for reference only ) They are bright silver in


There is a Black Plastic Cowling over Upper Front Engine

compartment covering the Headlight Assembly Surfaces.

Locate the four ( 4 ) Two piece Plastic Expansion Fasteners Note

Total Eight ( 8 ) for full Cowling ( With Flat Screw Drive pry out

Center Plastic expansion bolt ) Remove second part releasing the

Plastic Cowling. Fold back the plastic cowling

Look down at exposed Headlight Assembly Surface ( Locate two

each Tork Screws for aiming Head Lights DO NOT Turn but for

reference only )

There are two ( 2 ) Metal Locking tabs directly behind the Tork

Screws for aiming Head Lights.

With Fingers or Pliers: Press Down and back to release Metal

Clip and pull up unlocking Headlight Assembly.

The Full Headlight Assembly will come forward and out to expose

the rear removable lights.

Unlock the Black Plastic retainer.

Replace the desired bulb without touching the bulb's glass


Reverse Process to re-install.

You can do better.

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