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How do you change heater blower motor on vauxhall frontera?

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2011-09-13 00:13:54

Heater blower is underneath dashboard on the left side of the

glovebox in passenger footwell - 4 screws secure blower motor -

undo these & pull blower assembley down, then unplug wiring. My

blower simply seized up - 2 screws hold motor assembly into cover

(1 screw is only seen when the block on the side of cover is prised

off) Assembly can be prised away from cover & bronze bearings

then cleaned & re-greased & brushes checked. Armature was a

bit rough so re-cleaned carefully using drill to turn & some

decent sandpaper to re-finish & slots cleaned with Stanley

knife blade. There is also a resistor pack behind the glovebox

which needed re-soldering. (motor seized - resistor pack heated up

& melted the solder) Two screws on hinges at bottom of glovebox

to undo then remove glovebox - resistor pack has two screws to undo

then pull out & unplug 5 pin plug. Resistor pack says on it "do

not repair" ..... I pulled mine apart - 4 crimped ends to un-crimp

using small flat screwdriver - middle connector on mine had let go

and had to be re-soldered back on. A metal plate is used to retain

resistor pack assembly into the plastic heating vent - this

shouldn't travel too far & I used a small piece of duck tape to

hold this plate ready for re-fitting.

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