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How do you change heater coil on a 1998 olds acheiva sl?

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A Ford Mustang does not have a heater coil. You must be thinking of your home HVAC.

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the HEATER CORE can be removed by removing the dash. how do i ghange the dash

heater coil is good conductor of electricity

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The heater coil is located behind the dash board. You will have to remove the dashboard to get at the heater coil

unscrew the plastics piece under the glove box right above where your feet would be and the heater coil is in there. you will have to disconnect the hoses from under the hood right in front of the passenger side. there are only 2 hoses connected to it. then just put in a new heater coil and reattach the hoses and screw it back up. all done.

Clarification of terminology- Heater core not heater coil. And Yes there is a very good chance that it may be leaking.

how do u change a heater coil on a 978 Pontiac Bonneville

The heater coil and a heater core is the same thing. Hot water circulates from the engine and through the heater core then back to engine generating heat for your heater system.

with a hammerOR, TryWWW.HARRYPOTTERAUTOS.COM he can change it into anything you want!

To many steps to list here, would recomend purchasing a shop manual if you intend on replacing that heater core yourself.

Strut mount, coil spring, coil spring isolator, rubber dust boot.

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You will see 2 heater hoses connected to the firewall. These are the inlet & outlet hoses going to the heater core. Disconnect them and then connect them together with a coupler. This will bypass the heater core.

Pull the plastic guard out from under the glove can see where the wires plug into the heat duct system. There are 2 screws holding the coil block unit in the duct(use 5/16 nut driver). Pull the heating coil unit out and uplug the wires...(most times it's the diode that buns out on the unit)

If "heater coil" is just another term for "Heater core", then yes, most all cars have them.See "Related Questions" below for tons of information about Taurus / Sable heater cores.

Why would you be removing the dash. Heater Coil? There is a black box on the passenger side by the firewall. 6 screws and the Heater Coil is in there.

kia sportage heater core at autozone is $ 93.99

please tell me how to remove the heater to get too the heater coil

To change the spark coil pack on a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire with a 2.4 engine, first disconnect the battery. Then remove the coil pack and spark plug. The spark plug should also be replaced with the new coil pack for best performance. Insert the new spark plug, then the new coil pack being careful not to bump any of the many other electronic parts. Then reconnect the battery.

The heater coil is leaking. Water from the cooling system runs through the heater coil to heat the passenger compartment. Antifreeze is corrosive, some heater coils are thin.

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