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I just changed a heater core myself about a week ago and it's pretty easy. First you'll want to make sure all the antifreeze is drained out. Then to remove the heater core you will want to take off the air filter and disconnect the hoses from it to make more room. There will be two hoses connecting the heater core... you will have to disconnect them from under the hood and then pull out the heater core from inside the vehicle. To remove the hoses there is a plastic clip... squeeze the clip together and the hose should just pull off. There will be a rubber o-ring inside the hose, then a plastic ring, and then another rubber o-ring followed by the plastic fitting. Once you have those removed you can go inside the vehicle and remove the kick plate from under the dash (big black cover at the passenger feet). Then you will see a big black cover where the heater core is inside. To gain access there will be 4 screws holding the side on (left side). Once that's off the heater core will be right there and you should be able to pull it out pretty easily. There is a rubber ring aroung the core to help seal it in... if the old one is wrecked and you can't get another because it's too old for stores to get in (which it was for me) you can also you some of the double sided tape that they use to hold truck caps on. To install the new one just reverse the proccess. Good luck!

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Q: How do you change heater core on a 1988 Ford Club Wagon Van E350?
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