How do you change injectors on 2001 f350?

First remove the valve cover and disconnect (connector) on the injector to be removed.

Second remove the rocker arms on each side of the injectors removing the two bolts holding each rocker arm also remove the push rods.

Third remember the rocker arms and push rods must be replaced in the same position as they were pirior to removel!

Fourth remove the bolt opsite the connector of the injector near the bottom of the injector head it is a 8 mm or 5/15 head bolt.

Fifth you have now losened a bracket holding the injector you should be able to push the bracket upward if so hold it there and take a small curved bar insert it under the bracket which will now move in two directions and pry up on the bracket and injector togather and guess what the injector will pop out.

Sixth now for some bad news in most cases this is like heart surgury there is going to be a great deal of oil and some fuel rush in the void you have created you will need to remove all the liquid from the injector seat and piston cavaty.

Seventh now that you have made several trips to the store for cleaning material Just reverse the process to reinstall.

One last thought it is possible to remove the injectors without removing the rocker arms though not very easy. When the rocker arms are removed the valves are closed which will help reduce the amount of oil that gets into the cylinder cavity and will save a lot of time in the longrun.

Engine model would help

NO DO NOT DO ANY OF THAT!!!! Do not remove the push rods or rocker arms?Why?? I have done hundred's if not thousands of injectors in a 7.3L and never removed them. And also an easy way to save an hydro-lock issue (which can be a real bear to push all that oil and fuel past the rings and or valves) just remove the 1/8th Allen plugs in between the 2 injectors let drain and then using a 1/4 rachet feel on the back of the head and you will feel a plug that will accept the 1/4 rachet. Just loosen and the fuel will drain out on the ground. Just wait 20-30 min to make sure and then remove ONLY the bottom bolt (the one closes to the exhaust manifold) 8mm push the hold down up and pry up. And a min amount of fuel and oil will enter the cyl. This is how the pro's do it (me). I hate shade tree wannabe knuckle buster. Anyways believe me you don't want to hydro-lock the motor. It will seem like you dropped a ball bearing in the cyl and it feels locked up hence hydro-lock. Good luck do it either way mines the right way!!!!