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How do you change oil on 2002 altima?


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2007-01-28 20:57:23
2007-01-28 20:57:23

Very Easy. 1) Jack up the car (unless you are very skinny) about 12 to 18 inches. 2) loosen the drain pan bolt (it is is in plain sight)line up your waste recepticle, remove the plug and she'll drain for what seems like 5 minutes.(some say you should remove the oil cap to allow a better flow) 3)locate, remove and replace the oil filter just behind the passenger side wheel well. You should be able to remove with your hand. (you install the new one by hand tightning as well). Changing the oil filter was the messiest part of the whole process. I dont know how it can be done without getting it all over the place (any idea welcomed). 4)Put the drain pan plug (bolt) back (nice and tight)5)locate and remove the oil cap and pour in the new oil(funnel is your friend).6) put cap back on and you are done.

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