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How do you change or fix a starter on a 1994 Nissan Altima?


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2011-09-13 00:15:06
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if your sure the starter is bad than buy a new one. or find a local dealer that rebuilds parts. it is held in with a couple bolts on the bell housing.

Starter is on the bottom right hand (passenger side)

Put the car on a ramps, support with jack stands and block the rear wheels.

Disconnect your negative battery lead

Disconnect your starter's electrical leads- one is a plastic clip. push the top in and it should slide apart. Some models are just held on with nuts.

remove top and bottom bolts from starter housing. They are long bolts that pass through the starter housing into the engine block. Starter drops down, so don't let it hit you in the face.

Installation is just the reverse of the above steps.

Very easy to do, but tight Japanese engines make for some knuckle scraping. the top bolt is the problem. You might have to disconnect some of the plastic air intake conduits to allow for easier access. A friend with skinny arms helps. Popeye would be helpless.

Cost should be around $200 for a rebuilt starter.


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