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How do you change piston rings on a 1986 Volkswagen GTI Golf?


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2010-03-12 07:12:10
2010-03-12 07:12:10

Disconnect all the wiring, exhaust and fuel system at the motor. Separate motor and transmission to pull the motor out. Take off the oil pan, intake manifold, cylinder heads and connecting rod bolts. Pop the pistons out the top of the block, take old rings off, clean ring grooves and put new rings on. Make sure groove on rings is positioned according to MFG specs. Hone the cylinders, compress rings on piston and reinstall. Replace all old gaskets with new and tighten connecting rod, intake manifold, oil pump and cylinder head bolts in increments to MFG specs. Make sure that pistons, connecting rod caps, pushrods and head bolts go back in the very same location they came out of...don't mix anything up because each part wears in a unique pattern. Reinstall motor and reattatch everything taken off. I wouldn't advise attempting this without a shop manual.

**Firstly its not necessary to remove the transmission/engine for rings - that's a MUCH bigger job. u can simply take the top off with the engine mounted as per the original manual.

Secondly - Note there are very delicate checks when dismantling the block - its not just remove this remove that etc, u have to turn the engine to a specific position before removing internal bolts,u have to also undo various bolts in a specific order - ie the cam caps for instance... this is not a bmx - its a car engine!

I agree though - get a manual or pdf on the net with images. Make sure EVERY bit goes in the way it came out - take pictures if necessary and make notes. Place bolts in bank bags with notes written on - etc etc.


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