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drop the rear wheel, brake and swingarm, remove the inner and outer primary cases, starter, primary drive, clutch, etc....install new belty, don't pinch it or bend it smaller than a 5" arc, reverse the procedure, connect battery, set belt tension...happy trails

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How do you change oil in a 2000 heritage softail?

How do you change oil in a 2000 heritage softail? Are there 3 plugs to remove or just two?

How do you change your oil on a 06 heritage softail?

how do you change oil

Change oil 2005 harley heritage softail?

what kind of question is this?

How change transmission fluid softail?

Try this.

How do you change the rear belt on a 1990 Harley Flstf?

How do I change drive belt on a 95 heritage softail

How do you change rear brake pads on a harley Davidson softail standard?


How often do you need to change the transmission oil in a harley heritage softail?

50,000 MILES

How do you change transmission fluid 2004 softail?

The drain plug is located between the shocks.

How is chemical change and physical change similar?

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How much oil is needed to change oil on 2008 heritage softail?

3 quarts dry 2.5 quarts wet

How is physical change and chemical change similar?

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How many quarts of oil needed for a 2001 harley Davidson heritage softail for oil change?

3 quart of synthetic oil

How to change antifreeze in a motorcycle?

Well, if you know how to bleed your breaks, then its probably a similar process, like leaking your breaks, or were you put in gasoline...

How do you change the oil for a 1994 1200 sportster?

pull off the drain hose at the bottom of the oil tank, (same as a Softail oil drain).

Can a county change the flood zoning?

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How do you change your oil on a 08 heritage softail?

I'm trying to change my oil on my 08 heritage softail. I located a drain plug under the bike but that doesn't seem to be it. I believe it is the transmission oil and now I have two problems. I would like to know how to add and check the transmission fluid and how and where to locate the oil drain plug. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Change oil in 2002 heritage softail?

I have a 2002 softail standard. The drain plug is actually in the frame under the right side. Near the rear foot peg. It is an Allen bolt. When you remove it it has an O ring where it seats. Check to make sure it is not damaged before you replace the drain plug.

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You just copy/pasted a question from your homework, but forgot to inform us who "they" are. So we can't answer your teacher's question.

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A continuous of change

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