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On the thermostat side of shower remove handle by removing handle cap.

Once handle is removed if there is a circlip then the thermostat pulls out otherwise will unscrew.


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A Bristan Thermo Mixer Shower head is specified by its thermal options. It is for both hot or cold water, the hot water is just easier for this type of shower head to be used.

Because someone installed a really cheap one

A thermostat is the temperature controlling device

how might clouds change from a morning shower to a sunny day

Because it effects the water pressure of the shower. This causes the temperature of the water in the shower to also change.

Either the thermostat is set too high on the hot water heater or the thermostat is becoming faulty and boiling the water too high which would mean you need to get it replaced.

You can change the seals on your shower to ensure that you don't have a leak. You can also make sure that your fixtures are firmly attached to the shower head.

Thermostat is located on the engine end of the lower (yes, I said lower) radiator hose. The housing is plastic, so work carefully. It would be a good idea to use a genuine Subaru thermostat and rubber O-ring gasket, as this will give the correct temperature. I am surprised your thermostat went bad-- usually the factory Subie thermostats last 10-15 years. To replace thermostat, drain radiator, then remove lower hose at engine end (first green shower), remove the bolts securing the lower hose connector to the engine and remove the connector (second green shower), then pull the thermostat and rubber ring out with pliers (third green shower). Installation is reverse of removal, and there is no gasket on the thermostat cover to speak of-- the O- ring around the thermostat does all the sealing. Remember to refill radiator with care, and use the air "burp" screw mounted on the radiator top, opposite the fill pipe.

No, there is no change at all to you hair. _____________ This is not a chemical change, but a physical change instead.

Take a shower and change clothes.

One of the easiest and least expensive fixes for this problem is to adjust the flow of water into the toilet. If the toilet fills more slowly, it will not alter the water pressure enough to change the temperature of the shower. Another possible solution, which would require the purchase of a special valve and possibly installation by a plumber, is to install a thermostat-controlled water valve in the shower to keep the water flow at a constant temperature.

This depends on which assembly you talking about and how much of it and why. however, most of the time it is not possible, and removing a section of the wall in order to change a shower mixer unit has to be done

I don't know but I know a site that can help, the forum at

Yes, but dont forget the pea trap.

Pure physical - until you use soap.

The shower arm has threads on the end, as does the end of the shower head (behind the ball). The ball can be removed by gripping the knurled part that attaches to the shower arm with a pipe-wrench or a pair of "channel-lock" pliers, at which point the shower head can be replaced. Remember to apply plumber's tape or thread sealer to the shower-arm threads before re-attaching the new head.

Any shower head that filters calcium or lime will work well, but you'll have to change the filter often.

'In the shower' would be correct as the world 'shower' does not strictly define the shower head.

no, you can buy a new shower head and install it. but if you want to change the controls you will probly have to buy a new unit. Unless you can cross reference the parts to see if they will fit. and you might be able to change the handle or know without changing the controls

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