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How do you change signal light bulbs in a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?


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2007-11-12 02:05:10
2007-11-12 02:05:10

A clarification for the front turn signals. I have the same model Grand Cherokee. The first star screw is easy to find. The second, lower one drove me crazy, since the location doesn't seem to match up with the illustration in the owner's manual. To reach it, insert a screwdriver between the upper, amber, vertical turn signal cover and the lower, clear horizontal one. Push down on the screwdriver, using it as a lever to create a little space between the two plastic covers. Shine a flashlight into the space between. A No. 25 (I think; or No. 27, but I think 25) star screw is hiding there. Viola! (Shoot. This is the first question I answer on the site and I mistakenly erased the answer posted before mine. Can a mod bring it back and include my response as an addendum? Thanks!)


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There is no such thing as a 2002 Cherokee Laredo. The last year for the Cherokee was 2001, and the last year it came with the Laredo trim was 1992. I have a 2003 Cherokee Laredo so this awnser makes no sense at all. Do you have a GRAND Cherokee Laredo? Those are still being made. They are not the same as the Cherokee.

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