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How do you change spark-plugs near firewall on 2003 impala?

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2010-11-11 04:21:49

This is how i did it last year on my 97 Cutlass Supreme:

First you need a cursing jar, a six pack & a short piece of

rubber hose that fits over the plugs. Start by properly gapping

your new plugs. Remove the front top engine mounts(aka dog bones),

put a bolt on one of the engine mount & attach a strap(ratchet)

to it and anything in front of the car that won't move(I used the

vise on my workbench). Put the parking brakes on, the car in

neutral, then move the engine forward as far as it will go without

damaging anything. I then remove the coolant overflow "resivore"

& moved the alternator out of the way.

Bingo, 5 minutes per plugs(used the rubber hose to start the

plugs by hand, it prevents crossthreading). 2 hrs later(including

the front plugs) I put away the cursing jar & started the


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