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I changed them going underneath. It was hard to get to because the car was so low to the ground. Just get a handy light you can place on the ground (in the upward position) and lift the front of the car off of the ground onto 2 jack stands. Next time I will pay someone to do it.

addition to it.

Because Ex Manifold, AC pipe, wall are on the way to ratchet, You should use wobble extension rod and 3/4" combination wrench and 3/4 box wrench.

(3/4 will fit over spark plug socket)

I was thinking that changing spark plugs was easy job but spent whole day to figure out how geometrize it.

use different set with ratchet, extension, and open wrench for each plugs.

I use 3/4 combination wrench with spark plug socket for #5 (no room for ratchet)

I use 3/4 box with wobble extension over spark plug socket (because short extension was just little bit short and medium extension was too long ) for #3 & #4

If you have foot long water pipe(1.5 inch or so dia) to use as extension of ratchet handle, it will help too. I use it for #1 & #2

unless you want to dismount whole exhaust from engine, you need patient.

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Q: How do you change spark plugs on a 1997 Chevy Camaro 3.8L?
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