How do you change spark plugs on a 1998 dodge avenger es?

- There is quite a few steps in the process. While you are doing the spark plugs it is a VERY good idea to do the spark plug wires as well. You will also need an Intake Plenum Gasket

- The front 3 plugs are easy to get too, right in the front. But the back 3 are under the intake plenum...

- To remove the intake plenum you need a 10mm, 12mm, and 13mm sockets. - You need to remove all hoses and connectors attached to the intake plenum, along with the throttle cable.

- Its best to take out the intake tube as well. 2 10mm hose clamps to loosen, and take off.

- You got 7 12mm bolts in the front, 2 12mm in the back

- 2 13mm bolts in the back on the EGR pipe.

- 2 10mm bolts on the fuel rail to remove it from plenum

(That's as accurate as I can remember)

- Once all that is done, everything is exposed.

- Remove the plugs with a spark plug socket SLOWLY so you don't strip the threads inside the cylinder head.

- If you do the wires, only do one at a time. Be sure to match the lengths of wires.

- When you put the the spark plugs in, put anti-seeze lubricant on the threads of the plug. Tighten them slowly. They torque to about 13 ft-lbs.

- When you put everything back together, make sure that plenum gasket is in place(You can secure it with 2 bolts on the ends) (Plenum bolts torque to 13 ft-lbs)Also make sure that you have every connector and hose back in place. **Check, double check, triple check everything.**

Hope that helps the best way I can describe.