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do not know but do know that it takes a Volvo dearlship mechanic 50mins to change.

you don't need to take it to the dealership. It is simple as long as you have done some work on cars. Just remove the top engine cover by removing the screws. There will be 4 wires. 2 for ingition coil and 2 that come from the ingition coil. Each ignition coil controls two spark plug, make a note of the wiring. If you screw up your wiring your engine will misfire and you can damage your engine. Take the coils out and use an appropriate size spanner to remove the spark plugs. Replace with original Volvo spark plug (each around $13) or use Bosch Platinum that you can get from Autozone. Put the new plugs in, make sure the thread is correct. Don't force it in if it feels too tight, this may mean you didn't slip the plugs in correctly. (Before you screw the plugs in check the gap between the electrical spark bit on the plug, make sure they are the same, you can buy a spark plug gap measuring tool from Autozone, it is around a $1 and it the size of a silver dollor). Screw the plugs in, insert the coils, reconnect the wires. That's it, start the engine and check if the engine sounds smooth. It should take around 30 minutes.

5-cylinder Volvo engines: If you have a 5-cylinder turbo-charged engine each plug will have it's own coil. The coils sit on top of the engine under the plastic engine cover. You will need a torx screwdriver to get the cover off. Then remove the one 10mm bolt holding each coil and simply lift the coil and its rubber boot out and lay it to the side. There is no need to detach any wires or connectors. You can now see the actual spark plug at the bottom of the hole. To remove the plug just unscrew it with a spark plug socket wrench and lift it out. A spark plug socket wrench with a rubber insert that grips the plug is very handy with these engines because the plugs are so deep in the engine. When inserting the new plugs screw them in hand-tight and then tighten them slightly less that 1/4 turn more using the wrench. Do not overtighten the plugs because the block is aluminum and you may cause damage. DO NOT use Bosch Platinum +2 or +4 plugs in one of these engines. This engine will simply not run well with them and your check engine light will soon come on. Use single-electrode Volvo, Bosch, or comparable plugs. Re-assemble everything in the order you took it apart. It should take about an hour the first time you do it.

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Q: How do you change spark plugs on a 2002 Volvo?
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