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How do you change spark plugs on a ford e350 van?


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July 26, 2008 5:08AM

I have a 460 (7.5) in my 93 E 350 and it is quite a bit of work, but can be done just take your time. About 5 of the plugs you should be able to access fairly easily by removing the tunnel cover and by removing the air inlet boxes and inlet pipes from the throttle body. One or two of the plugs you might have to get from underneath if I recall. I had to take a 3 inch long 3/8s extention and cut it down to about an inch long, then file it square and essentially make an 1 inch long extention so I could get my rachet onto at least one of them. A powerful flashlight and mirror help also for getting a good look at things also. When installing the new plugs a short piece (2 or 3 inch long) of hose that will fit on the spark plug will come in handy when starting some of plugs back in, just take your time so you don't cross thread anything. I usually set aside 2 or 3 hours to do the job that way I am not rushed.