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On my 1999 Malibu 4 cyl the spark system in integrated into the engine cover. What I did... With the hood up and facing the engine. There is a wiring harnes connetor which plugs in to the rigth hand side. 1- Pull out the orange colored positive connector latch. 2- Pull of the black connector (make sure you push the plastic lock)

This is thge tricky part.. The cover must be removed straight up! ANy side force will break the watertight boots which connect the plugs themselves to the spark/emgine cover.

A- There are 4 bolts in the top of the cover holding it on. REmove these bolts (they are about 3 inches long) B- Move the fuel lines and anything else that might prevent you from lifting the cover straight up. I can't stress this enough. I broke mine the first time.

It comes of hard bu keep at it with slow steady force. You can wiggle it a little but not much. It will enevtually come off.

Once you remove the spark dist cover assembly you will see the plugs and have a good understyanding of what I'm talking about.

Make sure you blow out the holes and surrounding area before you remove the plugs to keep dirt out.

I usually loosen all the plugs and then use a short (6 inch) piece of 3/16 rubber hose to lift out the plugs. Push the end of the hose over the end of the spark plug. The plug goes fits snuggly into the hose and lift it out. Work sgood for re-installation as well.

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Q: How do you change sparkplugs on a Malibu?
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